When do babies start smiling?

When do babies start smiling?

You never forget your first smile. It's like an image that we immortalize forever in our mind when the puppy smiled at us for the first time. But when it comes to a real smile and felt by the newborn baby?

According to research conducted by London Birkbeck University, the first real smile develops within the first 2 months of the child's life. Moreover, according to this study, it was found that boys are the ones who laugh the most: 50 times a day compared to 37 times a day for pussies.

His first smile

During the first weeks the first smiles of the newborn often develop during sleep and are therefore simple physiological reactions due to the particular conditions of the REM phase. In fact, at this precise stage, the child can laugh or talk, but this type of reaction is reflective and, perhaps, not of emotional origin. Only after the 6th week does the child begin to smile for real, responding to some of the stimuli coming from mum and dad. But that's not all. The newborn loves to look at the face of both parents and tries to imitate their expressions including, precisely, the smile.

The smile, the real one

According to scholars, the most pleasant stimuli for the child are physical contact during bathing and tickle. In the first case the bath is a real stimulant of the smile already at 2 months of life. With a smile, the newborn baby starts a kind of approval and it's like he's saying to whoever's with him "don't stop doing what you're doing". Moreover, up to 6 months, children tend to laugh at everyone and everything, but once they are one year old those smiles become more selective and begin to smile only to those who want them, usually the mother and father.

Lucia Franco

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