Weaning yes or no?

Weaning yes or no?

According to some scientific studies, there is no really convincing evidence to show that self-weaning in any way benefits young children, safeguarding them from the risk of overweight and obesity. Moreover, it is incorrect to say that babies can regulate themselves well. This applies both to the choice of food and to the quantity to be eaten.


Some scholars have put self-weaning into practice. The result was not one of the best. The profile of the diet of self weaned children has proved to be nutritionally poor than that made by children fed according to the method of cclassical nutrition, that is, made of baby food and homogenized specifically prepared for them and then gradually move on to a more adult diet. Not to mention that auto weaning can be dangerous as it could cause an increased risk of suffocation for food.

Weaning yes or no?

It's certainly very risky when you think about it. The nutrition of a child must be entrusted to an expert, i.e. a paediatrician. The latter, in fact, can help him in growth and proper development. Weaning is therefore one of the most important moments for a child from both a psychological and a physical point of view. Only in this way is it possible to guarantee perfect health, even in adult life.

Lucia Franco

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