What to bring to the sea with a newborn baby: the 3 golden rules

What to bring to the sea with a newborn baby: the 3 golden rules

If a newborn baby has just arrived with the family, you can still go to the beach: the children have no problems in the open air. But let's clarify a few things: forget when you went to the sea only with the towel under your arm and at most a nice straw hat on your head. Now that you are a mother, I don't say that you have to bring your suitcase to the beach, but we don't miss much. So that is what to bring.


Not much is needed: light and light clothing, absolutely natural fibers, that leave open arms and legs, a hat, preferable to the fisherman's one, able to repair all the head from sun and wind or from any conjunctivitis from solar exposure. A bandana is all very well. Obviously the child should not be exposed to the sun only with the costume or diaper, but should remain covered in both excessive sunshine and a sudden breeze. Excellent light-coloured cotton body to not attract too much heat. Also, do not forget to put in the bag at least a pair of spare bodies for any eventuality.


Very useful are the soaked wipes and bibs, antiseptic detergents for any objects that could come into contact with the newborn. Of course we can not forget a stock of diapers and a soft cloth to dry it in case you want to wet it a bit. If you are not breast-feeding, don't forget to bottle your baby with milk, as well as the bottle warmer (thermos is the best for the sea) and water.

Finally, don't forget the dummy and the paper handkerchiefs, because you know the sea makes children run their noses, which is good!

3. Wellness products and any medications

Always with us the protective sun cream to spread on the newborn both at home, before going out to sea, but also while we are on the beach especially if we intend to wet it a bit. To prevent burns, the best strategy is a reduced exposure to the sun (the best times are: in the morning at 7 and 30, 8 and in the afternoon after 17 and 30). However, creams with a physical filter, i.e. containing minerals such as zinc oxide or titanium that reflect sunlight and prevent it from penetrating, may occasionally be used in exposed areas. Better to choose not too greasy products, to avoid the closing of the pores. Finally, insect bites are not recommended against repellents to be sprayed on the skin (the most effective ones, which contain the Deet, are contraindicated up to 12 years).

Forgotten anything? If you have everything, then close the bag and enjoy the sea!

Lucia Franco

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