If your baby is in perfect health, it's also thanks to your daddy.

If your baby is in perfect health, it's also thanks to your daddy.

According to a study conducted by the Bambino Gesù Children's Hospital in Rome, the lifestyle of the father determines the health of the future unborn child. In fact, it has emerged that the father has a co-responsibility of 50%. So what does that mean? That the good health of a present and future child starts from far away, that is, even before the choice of conceiving it or the months of gestation. These are concepts that not all new dads know yet.

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More than a thousand new fathers have been subjected to an online questionnaire regarding daily vices and virtues. For example, 45% of the interviewees do not know that overweighting weighs on the incoming child. In fact, paternal obesity before the unborn child is born can greatly modify the fetal DNA involved in regulating the early stages of embryonic growth and thus put the health of the child at risk.
Another more concrete example is smoking. Breathed by the future mother in a passive way, it facilitates the development of congenital malformations of a cardiac, anorectal or genitourinary nature up to even more important diseases such as possible acute lymphoblastic leukaemia. We therefore talk about a risk of 25% for children with daddy smokers, up to a risk of 44% if the number of cigarettes smoked daily is more than 20.
On the other hand, those who come into contact with chemicals or simply paints are at greater risk because of the low weight of the newborn at the time of its birth or the possible development of malformations or tumours of a childish nature. Finally, the drugs. They too (e.g. anti-inflammatories or gastroprotectors, or antipsychotics) can double the possibility of complications during the interesting state or congenital defects.

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