Breech delivery: all you need to know

Breech delivery: all you need to know

The breech position (head up) is an abnormal presentation of the fetus in which the head is turned towards the bottom of the uterus and the feet and/or the back of the unborn child are turned towards the neck of the uterus. Moreover, during the interesting state it is physiological that a fetus assumes the position upwards, but around the 34th week it normally puts cephalic, to prepare for the great event, which is its birth.

In some cases, however, this is not the case as usual. But for what reason? The reasons are only known for about 15% of the cases. That's to say:

Alterations to the pelvis;

An abdominal wall or pelvic floor too toned or, conversely, hypotonic;

Uterus malformations;

A previous Caesarean section;

Excessive weight gain or high BMI;


The age too far forward;

Twin pregnancy;

The amount of amniotic fluid (either too small or too large).

How to prevent then?

In order for the fetus to position itself optimally, movement is very important, and therefore sedentary lifestyle is not allowed at all. Among the most useful activities are yoga, water activities and why not also postural exercises performed on a fitball.

For those who work, however, it is essential to take up positions in the office reclining forward, better if the knees are lower than the hips.

As for sleeping, it is important to take the position on one side with one knee higher than the other. Finally, attention to stress. The latter in 85% of cases is the number one reason for the position of the breech. In fact, the psychophysical well-being of the new mother has a significant impact on the fetus and its positioning. Therefore, dialogue with the unborn child still in the womb, perhaps involving his future father, is fundamental.


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