Cloverleaf shirt: a garment important to his birth of your baby

Cloverleaf shirt: a garment important to his birth of your baby

The four-leaf clover shirt is designed to be worn on the day of the birth of a child. It is a real good-luck charm.

Symbolism four-leaf clover

The four-leaf clover is the symbol of hope, but at the same time it represents fortune in all respects. In nature it is actually an anomaly, that is, a clover born with an extra leaf, which is why it is very difficult to find.
In the collective imagination, seeing a cloverleaf is equivalent to something positive, but where exactly does this legend come from? The oldest information seems to date back to 1620, with the first testimony confirming the four-leaf clover as the symbol of fortune. For example, for the Druids, considered the most important members of the Celtic people, the four-leaf clover was a powerful means against evil spirits and the evil eye. Moreover, according to some ancient traditions, putting a four-leaf clover under the pillow brings beautiful dreams.
Today, therefore, to make the unborn child wear a comic four-leaf clover means to wish them a lot of luck in this new path that is about to begin, where each leaf of the four-leaf clover symbolizes a particular characteristic, more properly:
From a spiritual point of view, instead, the four-leaf clover represents the same meanings of the clover with the fourth leaf that indicates man or humanity.

Lucia Franco

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