Baby sleepsuits: the importance of choosing Made in Italy

Newborn sleepsuits Made in Italy

Every good mother knows how important it is to choose baby rompers made in Italy characterized by fabrics of excellent quality. The jumpsuit is the most important accessory to be inserted in the baby's layette and wardrobe: it is the article of clothing that comes into contact with the delicate skin of the child.
This is why it is essential to choose newborn made in Italy suits, made with non-toxic colours and substances that do not damage the baby's skin.

Our article is aimed at you, new mother or expectant mother, who are struggling with the selection of jumpsuits, rompers, body and underwear for your child. In the following paragraphs we will analyze why it is important to choose newborn suits produced in Italy and we will give you some useful advice that can guide you in choosing the best clothing for your child.

Baby suits: why is it important to choose "Made in Italy"?

Baby rompers Made in Italy are made with extreme care, using high quality fabrics and are free of harmful substances to the delicate skin of the child.

You will have certainly noticed: some jumpsuits produced abroad are characterized by colors and prints very intense and "bright". This is because the models of imported baby suits are often made with colors derived from toxic substances that, of course, can be harmful to the child. And that's not all: because of this characteristic, newborn suits imported from abroad tend to discolor very easily during washing, both by hand and in the washing machine.

That's why it's absolutely necessary to choose a baby romper made in Italy characterized by pastel and soft colors that do not fade after washing and that are not made with harmful substances.

Baby rompers made in Italy respect the delicate skin of the child

Mothers who are struggling with the composition of the layette of the future unborn child, should not neglect the importance of choosing products made in Italy to preserve the delicate skin of the child and to avoid unwelcome irritation.
The choice can only be made for newborn made in Italy suits, the only ones made with excellent quality fabrics that respect the delicate skin of the baby. We know that the baby's epidermis is easily irritated and tends to develop erythema, dermatitis and redness. As if that were not enough, babies are also more prone to developing annoying allergies.

This is why it is important to pay particular attention to the choice of clothing for babies produced and manufactured in Italy without the use of harmful substances and using fabrics of excellent quality.
The fabrics of baby suits made in Italy are all equipped with high breathability: in this way, the baby's skin will always remain dry even in the hottest season and will avoid all those annoying irritations and redness typical of the first months of life of the child.
Made in Italy fabrics are also soft and absolutely comfortable on the baby's skin.

Let's not forget, then, that newborn rompers made in Italy resist washing and high temperatures because the colors with which they are made are free of harmful substances and toxic additives.
Cotton is certainly one of the fabrics to be preferred when choosing baby suits. Made in Italy cotton is 100% cotton, soft on the skin and able to absorb the wet "directing" it outwards. In addition, 100% cotton baby suits made in Italy are resistant to sweat and protect the baby's skin, which will always remain dry and clean.

If cotton is to be preferred, synthetic fibres should be avoided as they make the baby sweat and can create annoying irritations.

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