When you find out you're pregnant, here are the questions. Because you know, not everything can be done in the 9 months of sweet waiting.

Will I be able to use my seat belt in the car? Can I continue to play sports? What kind of creams can I use? Is the hair dye harmful to the child? So here's a list of things to do and not do. Enjoy your reading!

What not to do

1.Don't eat everything that happens in range

2. Do not drink alcohol

3.Do not smoke

4.Do not wear too tight clothing. It is good to avoid jeans and leggings as they would go to compress too much the abdomen

5.Do not drink more than two coffees per day

6. Do not take medication without consulting your doctor first.

7.Do not use the first shade you find at the supermarket. Always ask an expert

Don't be manic about the weight. It is a good idea to keep an eye on your pounds with good nutrition and healthy exercise.

9.Don't get tired and don't stress out

10.Avoid sports involving hand-to-hand contact

11.Do not wear stiletto heels, they may cause you to lose your balance and fall off.

Avoid reading discussion forums about all possible tragedies that may occur throughout the pregnancy period.

What to do

The sweet expectation can represent for a woman also a period in which you can afford things really pleasant and that can help to make this wonderful moment even more special. Pleasant and relaxing things to do and that can tell a beautiful memory of this magical period. Here's what to do!

1.Prefer a healthy and balanced diet

2.Rest, without letting go to laziness

3.If there are no medical indications, you can safely have a sex life with your partner

4. Make mini-shopping and buy dresses and tiny accessories

5.Cultivate your hobbies or passions. It's the ideal time

6. Treat yourself to pampering. For example, a good idea could be to have a good relaxing massage done by a professional. Remember, however, that massages should not affect the abdominal area and the breast and that special creams should be used for pregnant women.

7.Register for a course, such as aquagym or yoga. These are particularly suitable with the bump

8.Put the belt in the car in the first weeks, as it is not close to the uterus and therefore there are no problems in case of impact

9.Give you a photo shoot that may become a precious memory to keep

10.Watching movies and TV shows

Lucia Franco

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