Babies don't kiss each other

Babies don't kiss each other

Infants do not kiss each other as they are very delicate and can easily take an infection. In fact, newborn babies have very low immune defenses. Moreover, when an unknown person approaches the child, the reaction is not always what the other expects. In most cases, in fact, the newborn is afraid of the stranger, is terrified and distressed. Also because in the first months of life the baby trusts only the most familiar faces, like mother and father. All the others are perfect strangers and if they kiss his hands or his cheeks can even trigger crises of crying "inconsolable". Furthermore, the mouth is the means by which a number of germs can spread and it is not right to endanger the health and welfare of newborns.

Not kissing newborns is not, therefore, a choice to follow or not, but rather a very valid advice and also carried out by doctors. Infants who have not yet developed an immunological profile are more exposed to possible infections and bacteria.

Kissing newborns: the risks

Among the most common gestures of affection are certainly the kisses. It will be difficult to stop and not kiss the newborns with their sweet faces and that particular scent make you want to pamper and kiss them, but stop is the right choice.

Bacteria - Kissing is a limited gesture towards a newborn baby. On the lips, because of saliva, there are many germs and bacteria that are not dangerous in an adult organism, but in that of a child. For example, kissing on the hands is absolutely to be avoided. Kissing your hands can transfer many germs from your mouth to the hands of your newborn. We must not forget that newborns have the vice of putting their hands in their mouths. If the hands of newborns are full of germs transferred with a kiss, the situation can become very dangerous because these germs will arrive in the mouth.

Passive smoking - Smokers should not kiss babies without washing their hands, face and teeth very well. Passive smoking is very bad for the child. With kisses, the smoke sticks to the newborn, the clothes and the skin.

Herpes - Absolutely to avoid are kisses on the mouths of newborns. This gesture is absolutely forbidden because in addition to the bacteria that a kiss could transfer to the child, there is a risk of transmitting to the small virus such as herpes. Herpes is a very dangerous virus for the newborn: it can cause very serious neurological damage and, in some cases, it can even be fatal for the newborn, for this reason it is definitely better to avoid any type of direct contact.

These attentions should be observed especially in the first seven to eight months of life, but caution is recommended until the year of age.

Lucia Franco

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