Digital generations: the newborn and technology

Digital generations: the newborn and technology

Today's children are born and raised in a digital world, where interpersonal relationships are not only physical, but are connected to the Internet (Skype, Telegram, WhatsApp). We look at children with great amazement for their extreme ability to use a smartphone or a tablet, almost to say: the children of today are more awake than those of yesterday.
But the truth is different. The new generations have little manual skills of the children of yesterday and are perhaps losing the ability to enjoy the true pleasures of life. Already at 8 months of age they want everything to be faster, like their thinking that travels fast and uninterrupted.
The mistake, then, lies at the base. Parents do not realize how technology can sometimes be devastating to children, causing irreparable damage that will only be visible in adulthood.

Parents A and B

Some parents categorically forbid the use of technological and computer tools up to 10 years of age, others instead leave total freedom, putting in hand mobile phones and tablets even to newborns, just to make them feel good and quiet.

Common sense

There's only one rule: common sense. It is not possible to stop technological progress. What is important is to know how to set limits, reducing risks to a minimum.

Should technology be banned?

Already in the 1980s, children had access to television and the first video games. The difference with today is there and it is obvious. The parents of the previous generation imposed a maximum time, never more than two hours. A rule that may be uncomfortable for children, but just right for experts. There was talk of a temporary limit that made sense, because those instruments had a very limited level of interactivity and could easily be put on standby when you left the house to play with peers.
Today, video games and television are even pocket-sized, so they are always at hand and always on, by choice of the big ones, even before the small ones. This is because new parents cannot impose prohibitions or simply restrictions on the use of technology, as neither can they respect them in the first place. So what parents need to teach their children right from the start is the right way to use it.

Let's make some myths

Your smartphone or tablet itself is not harmful, but it can be if it is not used properly. Everything must start with mum and dad who must set an example to their son. There must be rules in the house. For example, prevent the use of your tablet or smartphone while you're eating or talking, or when it's time to rest. In short, I will impose on themselves before and after their children the right use of technology that has now taken over everything, including everyday life.

Technology as a form of disadvantage

Parents must not use technological devices as real forms of babysitting and thus evade their responsibilities. It is absolutely inconceivable to park your child in front of the television just because it is more comfortable. It's not a robot, it's a child. The wrong use of technology can be harmful to the child, causing:
isolation and rejection of reality;
difficulties in creating future relationships;
problems with the eyesight caused by the prolonged use of electronic devices due to super-illuminated screens.

Technology as a form of advantages

If used sparingly it can be a good teacher of life. It develops a child's cognitive skills and the ability to handle multiple information and situations simultaneously. In fact, precisely for this reason there are also games inside the tablet that can help your child to learn such as the alphabet, numbers or colors. But that's not all. Technology, if applied in the right doses, can really open a child's mind and make him more skilled in everything. Just a recommendation. Everything must be dosed!

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