Babies in the pool: it can and does very well

Babies in the pool: it can and does very well

For the little ones, water is their natural element. In fact, this should not surprise us much as they have been "swimming" in their mother's womb for 9 months.
For this reason, newborns may already have to deal with the world of the pool a few days after their birth, i.e. after the umbilical stump has fallen to avoid infections.

Course of neonatal aquaticity

In general, an infant can only be brought in after the third month of age. The activity he can perform is without a doubt a course of "neonatal aquaticity" useful both to him as still a puppy and to his mother.

The benefits

This type of course is very useful for the child. It actually stimulates the movement of the arms and legs, promotes the maintenance of the apnea reflex, helps the formation of muscle structure and strengthens the immune system. In addition, in water the child can move without any problem having total freedom of movement.
Think of the difference between being in the cradle or in your arm and being able to kick floating in the water, having a huge space around himself.
However, serenity during this activity is fundamental. The mother must not be nervous at all, as she could transmit it to the newborn and consequently transform her serenity into hostility.

The times, the right times, the right ones.

You must respect your child's time, but at the same time do not throw in the towel on your first attempt. The neonatal water course is a unique experience for both of us.

Water from 3 to 12 months of age

The newborn baby is usually in water with his mother (or father). You just float it on your back or belly up. So you float, but you play at the same time. It is also a way for the child to develop a better relationship with water when he or she is older.

What to bring to the pool

You need to get swimming diapers and a hooded cape bathrobe to make it easier to wrap after it comes out of the water. As for the shower, avoid it. Dry the baby well and take the bath calmly at home.

Lucia Franco

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