The mother in the baby's drawings

The mother in the baby's drawings

In drawings, children tend to draw the big mother in the foreground. The family, in fact, is one of the people who love to draw the most, especially during the period in which they attend kindergarten.
From the portrait you can see how a child lives his or her relationship with parents, siblings and grandparents and whether family communication exists or there is a need to be reviewed. For obvious reasons the most important element of the representation is the child who, at least for the first years, is the centre of the drawing.

When is a drawing supposed to worry us?

The mother must start to worry if her little one tends to draw away from her and the rest of the family, as this could mean that he feels excluded or that he needs to distance himself from those around him because there is a conflict going on.

Near or far?

Children have an emotional knowledge of the reality around them. Even though she is small, the mother usually appears in the foreground in the drawing and her closeness to the father and son is a direct representation of the real affections one has at home. The child who is united with his mother tends to draw her close to him all the time. In other cases, it can happen that:
1)If the younger brother is drawn away from his mother, the artist child is probably going through a phase of great jealousy.
2)If the mother is drawn without arms, the child feels somehow threatened. That means he's being abused, but it could also mean that his mom is demanding behavior that's too mature for his real age.
3)If mom is the only one who is not colored there is a strong emotional detachment. In short, the child feels indifferent to her needs.
4)If, even when stimulated, the little one refuses to draw the mother or the whole family, there is a psychic discomfort related to family relationships that he is afraid to bring out. To resolve this ambivalence, the child sometimes transfigures the family he or she belongs to by drawing it as a nucleus composed of animals. If the animals represented are large cats, this indicates a problem related to the aggressiveness of the adults.

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