Health: having a child would age the woman of 11 years

Health: having a child would age the woman of 11 years

According to a research, published in the scientific journal Human Reproduction and then also taken up by New Scientist, having a child would age the woman of 11 years. But not only that. His DNA would change dramatically.
According to the findings, women who had given birth to their child had modified genetic markers and rapid aging at the cellular level.


The research was conducted on 2000 American women of childbearing age. The result was nothing short of amazing. The aging of cells, in fact, is about 11 years, said epidemiologist Anna Pollack of George Mason University. The researcher and her valuable staff took into account the years 1999 to 2002, during which the "telomeres", small portions of DNA found at the end of each chromosome, were also considered. The end of the DNA is not entirely stable. It degrades chemically and is subject to more frequent mixtures than the rest of the molecule. The function of telomeres is to prevent the propeller from bleeding as well as to define the lifespan of each cell.
In short, telomeres can tell us what age we are at cellular level. The longer they are, the more healthy we are, the shorter they are, the more faltering our health. The latter case is associated with conditions such as cancer, heart disease and cognitive decline.
But what did the research reveal? Researchers at George Mason University observed something unusual in women who had given birth to a child: they had telomeres 4.2 percent shorter than those who had never given birth.
According to experts, this is equivalent to 11 years of cellular aging. An aging comparable if we want to that caused by smoking (aging of about 4 years) or obesity (8 years). In addition, the length of the tolomers also depends on the number of pregnancies. That is, women who have had 5 children or more have shorter telomeres than women who have had one or two children. This does not mean that women should not have children, quite the contrary.

Lucia Franco

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