As the new daddy falls in love with his baby

As the new daddy falls in love with his baby

Unlike mothers, dads don't carry their baby in their womb, but that doesn't stop them from bonding as strongly.

The first link

Some dads establish a bond right from the start, i.e. the moment they hold their baby in their arms for the first time. Others, on the other hand, need a few more days to understand the bond that is being created with the newcomer. This is absolutely normal, as the priority is to take care of the newborn, such as bathing and caring.

With the birth of a child, moreover, new dads find themselves experiencing new and unique emotions, especially if it is their firstborn.

How do you make the connection?

Although dads cannot carry their baby in their womb for 9 months they are essential for their development. New dads, in fact, can do an infinity of things to create that strong bond that only they and the children know and feel from their depths.

The 6 golden rules

1.Cuddle them

Daddy, like moms, can give his baby a bottle. This small gesture allows the father to hold him in his arms and enjoy a deep contact with him.


Playing with your child is fundamental to its development. Only in this way does the child discover and know the world around him.

So, one piece of advice can be to play and play. Making funny and funny faces. Dancing to the sound of music with the baby in your arms.

3. Talk to them

Talking to newborns helps to create an important connection between daddy and his baby. Singing to the child while maintaining eye contact is a great way to form a unique bond.

4.Get up during the night

When your little one cries in the middle of the night, what your dad can do is get up and reassure him. This is a real opportunity to live a precious moment only with the newborn. So, preparing a couple of baby bottles first is a great way to avoid waking your mom to breastfeed.

5.Taking care of your child in everyday life

It is very important to take part in the baby's bath, give him a bottle or change a diaper. Being involved in its daily life is essential to establish a solid and deep relationship.

Walk with him

Take your baby carrier or pram and go for a nice walk. Children love the outdoors and good weather.

Lucia Franco

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