Why use a baby carrier for your newborn baby

Why use a baby carrier for your newborn baby

The baby carrier can be used immediately (three weeks after the birth of the baby) because it does not cause any damage to his spine or so much hand deforms it. This position is particularly suitable also because it favours the correct development of the hips. Moreover, by placing the baby in the baby carrier, the back is supported without any muscular effort, with the added advantage for the baby to be in close contact with the mother or father and to be constantly rocked by the movement of their walking. This position therefore helps the communication between the parent and the newborn, made of breaths, looks, words, smiles and beats.

Features of the baby carrier

The pouch is equipped with a headrest that has the essential function of supporting the head protecting it from any blows. It is important to position the newborn with his face facing us, so that his tummy rests perfectly on the body of mum or dad and the head is at chest level. This makes it easier to manoeuvre in the event of regurgitation or other problems with the baby. Once he's grown up a little, you can take him for a walk with his face turned outwards.

Lucia Franco

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