Terms and conditions

General informations 

These general conditions of sale are subject to the purchase of products made remotely via telematic network on the website tutineneonato.it, belonging to Eureka Intergroup Srls. Each purchase transaction will be governed by the provisions of Legislative Decree 185/99, Legislative Decree No. 206/05; The information directed to the conclusion of the contract will be subject to art. 12 of Legislative Decree 70/03 and, as regards the protection of confidentiality, it will be subject to the rules set out in Legislative Decree 196/03.

Contract object

The term "on-line sales contract" is refered to the purchase contract for the supplier's material movable property, concluded between them and the purchaser within a distance selling system via telematic means, Organized by the supplier. The expression "Purchaser" means the consumer who makes the purchase, as referred to in this contract, for purposes not related to the commercial or professional activity that may be carried out. The expression "Supplier" means the person indicated in the epigraph or the subject provider of the information services. With this agreement, respectively, the supplier sells and the purchaser buys at a distance via telematic instruments The tangible movable property indicated and offered for sale on the site tutineneonato.it.

Terms of stipulation, conclusion and effectiveness of the contract

The contract between the supplier and the buyer ends exclusively through the Internet through the access of the buyer to the address tutineneonato.it. The purchase agreement ends with the exact completion of the request form and the consent to purchase, always after viewing a Web page of the order summary, printable, which shows the details of the order, the The price of the goods purchased, the shipping costs and any additional ancillary charges, modalities and terms of payment, the address where the asset will be delivered and the existence of the right of withdrawal. When the supplier receives the order from the purchaser, he or she sends a confirmation e-mail or a confirmation and summary of a Web page.

How to buy

The buyer buys the product, whose characteristics are illustrated on-line in the relevant descriptive and technical cards, at the price indicated therein to which the costs of delivery are added as specified on the site.

Before the purchase order is forwarded, the unit cost of each selected product is summarized, the total cost when purchasing multiple products, their shipping costs and any discounts. Once the purchase order has been forwarded, the purchaser will receive an e-mail confirming receipt of the purchase order and containing the information regarding the main characteristics of the purchased goods.

It is understood that the images contained in the description of a product may not be perfectly representative of its characteristics but differ in colour tones, due also to the technical differences of the monitors from which it is observed The object.

Eureka Intergroup Srls assumes no responsibility for any errors or omissions contained on the site and reserves the right to make changes to it. Eureka Intergroup Srls does not provide any warranty on the information published on the site and assumes no responsibility for any damage resulting from its use; In this regard, no warranties or representations are issued in relation to the accuracy of the information and any liability for errors or omissions in the content is disclaimed.

All prices entered on the site are to be understood as VAT included. Prices can be changed at any time without notice.

Payment methods

The buyer may make the payment due by choosing one of the following listed modes.

Payment by credit card: In the event that the buyer intends to make payment by credit card, he can avail himself of the payment procedure with PayPal, suitable to ensure the confidentiality of the data provided by the customers. For any information and further legal arrangements, please refer the buyer to the www.paypal.com website.

PayPal Payment: In the event that the buyer intends to make the payment through PayPal, he can avail himself of the payment procedure with PayPal, suitable to ensure the confidentiality of the data provided by the customers. For any information and further legal arrangements, please refer the buyer to the www.paypal.com website.

Payment with Mark: In case the buyer intends to make the payment by Mark, he can do it in cash directly to The courier at the time of delivery of the goods. The service includes an increase of €3.70 on the shipment.

Payment by bank transfer: In the event that the buyer intends to make the payment by bank transfer must bring back the following data in the transfer: Holder: Eureka Intergroup S.R.L.S.
IBAN: IT49N0538703225000002435594
Causal: Tutineneonato.it/(Order number)/(transfer date)

where (order number) and (date Bofinico) are to be replaced with the data provided on the page of the payment confirmation by means of transfer. The bank transfer must be within 3 days of the order with currency on the same day that the transfer is made. Any delays should be communicated to the email address info@tutineneonato.it. In the absence of any reports from the buyer, after the three days the order will be considered void. The shipment will be made upon receipt of the transfer to the current account above.

Method and delivery costs

All purchases will be grouped in one order with total fixed cost of shipment and packing of €5.00 for the whole national territory, without limits of weight or volume. The time of shipment may vary from the same day of the order to a maximum of 2 working days from the confirmation of the same. In the event that the supplier is unable to carry out the shipment within this time limit, it will be given timely notice by e-mail to the purchaser. The buyer is required to provide us with a valid telephone number, in such a way that the courier in case of need can contact him.

Delivery throughout Italy with express courier usually in 24/48 h from shipment. No liability may be imputed to Eureka Intergroup Srls, in the event of delay in the execution of the order or delivery of the ordered.

Obligations of the buyer

Before submitting your purchase order, the buyer must carefully read these general conditions of sale. Forwarding the purchase order implies their full knowledge and acceptance. Finally, the purchaser is obliged to print and maintain these general conditions of sale, which have already been reviewed and accepted during the conclusion of the contract, after completing the online purchasing procedure.

At the time of delivery of the goods by The courier, the buyer must check: that the packaging is intact, not damaged, neither wet or otherwise altered, even in the closing materials (adhesive tape or metal strapping). Any damage must be immediately contested to the courier who carries out the delivery. Once the courier document has been signed, the customer will not be able to oppose any dispute about the external characteristics of what has been delivered. Any problems inherent in the physical integrity, correspondence or completeness of the products received must be reported within 7 days after delivery, in accordance with the modalities set forth in this document.

Availability of products

The supplier ensures through the telematic system used the processing and execution of orders without delay. For this purpose it indicates in real time, in its electronic catalogue the number of products available and those not available and the time of shipment. Should an order exceed the existing quantity in the warehouse, the supplier, by e-mail, will make known to the buyer if the asset is no longer bookable or what are the waiting times to obtain the good chosen, asking if he wishes to confirm the order or not.

Right of withdrawal

The buyer has in any case the right to withdraw from the contract stipulated, without any penalty and without specifying the reason, within the period of 14 (fourteen) working days, from the day of receipt of the purchased goods.

If the buyer decides to make use of the right of withdrawal, it must notify the seller by means of registered letter to the address Via Aldo Moro 43, Aprilia (LT) or by e-mail to the e-mail info@tutineneonato.it, provided that such Communications are confirmed by the sending of registered letter to the address Via Aldo Moro 43, Aprilia (LT) by 48 (Forty-eight) hours later. The stamp affixed by the Post Office on the receipt issued shall be authentic between the parties. For the purposes of exercising the right of withdrawal, the dispatch of the notice may be validly replaced by the refund of the goods purchased, provided in the same terms. The date of delivery to the post office or to the shipper will be faith between the parties.

The return of the goods must, however, take place at the latest within 30 (thirty) days from the date of receipt of the goods. In any case, in order to be entitled to the full refund of the price paid, the asset must be returned intact and, however, in normal state of preservation.

The only expenses payable by the consumer for the exercise of the right of withdrawal pursuant to this article are the direct costs of returning the goods to the supplier, unless the supplier agrees to Accollarsele.

The supplier will provide free of charge for reimbursement of the entire amount paid by the buyer within 30 (thirty) days of receipt of the notice of withdrawal.

With the receipt of the communication with which the purchaser communicates the right of withdrawal, the parties to this Agreement shall be dissolved by mutual obligations, subject to the foregoing of the foregoing points of this article.

Processing of personal data

The personal data requested during registration to the website and the order forwarding are collected and processed in order to satisfy the express requests of the buyer and will not be in any case and no title transferred to third parties. Such data could be used to send communications to the buyer and/or the registered person.

You can ask for the user account to be deleted, and then your data at any time. To do this you need to access the website via the login page (www.tutineneonato.it/login), go to the Account page (via click or tap on the "Account" button on the top right or alternatively by typing www.tutineneonato.it/cliente), click or Tap on the item "Settings ", go to the section "closing and deleting account " and click on the button "Delete account", you will be asked to confirm deleting account and data, then all user data will be removed.

Eureka Intergroup Srls guarantees its customers compliance with the rules regarding the processing of personal data, governed by the Privacy code of 30.06.03 DL 196. Data controller: Eureka intergroup Srls, VAT: 02871390593.

The data requested during the payment process, be it effettuatro by credit card or PayPal, are managed by PayPal itself. For any information and further legal arrangements, please refer the buyer to the www.paypal.com website.

Communications and complaints

Written communications directed to the supplier and any complaints will be deemed valid only when sent to the following e-mail address: info@tutineneonato.it.

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