Don't be a superwoman. Working until the 9th month is not an achievement.

Don't be a superwoman. Working until the 9th month is not an achievement.

Since the legislation passed, which allows women to choose whether or not to work until the last day before giving birth, there has been a strong debate in our country. First and foremost, Giuseppe Battagliarin, gynaecologist and president of the Emilia-Romagna Birth Commission, is heavily criticised. His post on social media, inflamed a series of chain reactions followed by as many comments.


To sum up. The post sounds almost like an invitation to what he calls "superwomen". In fact, he says several times to be careful because working until the 9th month of pregnancy is not a simple thing and therefore to think about it very well before making this kind of decision. Battagliarin, with a brilliant career behind him, then clarifies his position by pointing out that he cannot stand the possibility, introduced by the Government, to work until the 9th month of pregnancy and postpone forward the five-month leave provided for by law and paid by INPS. Thus equipping employees with the army of freelancers and VAT numbers who could already make this choice or simply had no choice.

Some of the words of the gynecologist Giuseppe Battagliarin

Here are some of his words: "For you this year opens with the conquest of new freedoms (or perhaps of ancient slavery). At last you will be able to work, with the formal approval of INPS, until the moment you give birth. After years of coercion to which those who preceded you were forced to absent themselves from work at the 7th or 8th month, because of the useless conquests obtained by the movement of women and women workers, you will finally be able to work until the beginning of the contractions of labor or the rupture of the membranes". And he adds: "You can see your innate and physiological ability to be super women recognized and sanctioned. And again with irony he warns: "Take care, however, to instruct your colleagues from now on so that they don't worry about seeing you change your expression and increase your respiratory rate due to uterine contractions and above all don't forget to keep diapers handy to absorb the amniotic fluid, avoiding to find yourself flooded and soaked in the middle of another business meeting or while you are talking to a client".

A question of rights

At the centre of the speech are the rights and safety of the new mother and the unborn child. "The rule sounds like subtle and implied blackmail: "Would you like to be with your son five months yarns with a guaranteed salary? Then work until the onset of labor." It was very generous of the legislators to donate what was already your property. One thing is certain: this idea did not come to a woman".

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