Why does Covid-19 affect children less?

Why does Covid-19 affect children less?

Says Lorenza Crippa, pediatrician from Gessate (Milan), through a long message spread through the whatsapp platform.

- Don't give in to panic - explains the paediatrician Crippa - It is my duty as a doctor to tell you that in these cases you must rely on science and, therefore, respect the indications that will be given to you. Avoid walking around and don't be afraid for your children. The symptoms are those of a normal flu and the organism of the youngest children is much more reactive than adults in facing new "threats".

The doctor's message is therefore very clear and encouraging, where it is very important not to get caught up in fear. - For children there is no Covid-19 problem," continues the doctor, "because in general they are used to dealing with viruses, which are all new to them. From colds to flu to mononucleosis. How has this not bothered you so far, it must not bother the new Covid-19.

The fake news

In this period of time, relying on experts and doctors' indications is essential to avoid falling into the misinformation and the many fake news that circulate every day on the internet. Also because the symptoms of Covid-19 are identical to those of a common flu. Also, compared to adults, children are more responsive. However, this does not mean that the epidemic should reach major peaks, but rather that it should be contained as much as possible and too many people should not be infected at the same time. And that can happen if you move around without the proper attention. That's why Dr. Crippa invites anyone who can stop. - The adults who are well will have a flu-like viral form - explains the pediatrician - out of 100 people, 20 will have pneumonia, and of these 4-5 will end up in resuscitation. It's medicine, not math. It's biology.

The masks and their correct use

According to the doctor, the surgical mask can be used, even if it does not defend against viruses. - It is useful, but not to propagate what you have in the world. This will prevent the virus from spreading too quickly and allow the system to treat patients better.

In addition, as for the paediatrician - the child should only be accompanied to the hospital by one person, if possible healthy and have a surgical mask. But it is important to ask for an appointment first... besides, only if your paediatrician advises you to call 112 for the swab, then it must be done.

This will avoid clogging up the 112 and will help those who actually need it.

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