Milk powder? How to choose

Milk powder? How to choose

The best choice is always mother's milk. However, if it is not possible to breastfeed the newborn, it is necessary to rely on powdered milk. How do you choose it then?

From birth to 6 months of age, the baby uses the so-called formula 1, whose composition tries to be as similar as possible to that of the mother's milk. On the other hand, after the first 6 months, we switch to the so-called follow-on milk (also known as formula 2).

In special cases you can choose a special formula or formula type 0 for premature infants, milk with a low content of highly hydrolysed proteins (ie chopped) for small at risk of allergies, special milk for digestive problems such as colic, constipation, diarrhea, gastroesophageal reflux.

There are differences between milk and milk

You can find an infinite number of brands and products in every point of sale (pharmacy, supermarket or on the Internet), but before proceeding with the purchase, there are aspects to be assessed with extreme care.


Start by carefully reading the information on the individual labels. Here you can find all the ingredients, nutrients, product tests and, above all, compliance with European laws.

Brands and price

The reliability of a product is also given by the satisfaction of its customers. Therefore, we recommend that you contact us with branded products that ensure a high quality guaranteed by repeated checks and tests.

On the other hand, however, always consider the prices of individual products. Be wary of products that are too cheap and cheap because the quality of the nutrients will be far lower than that of products with a higher price.

Types of milk powder

Depending on the growth of your baby, the milk powder must be changed. For an infant from 0 to 3 months the best milk is the so-called Formula 1. From 6 months onwards, however, it will be necessary to switch to follow-on milk or the so-called Formula 2 milk. Otherwise, after 1 year of life of the baby, the best milk will be the growth milk, also known as Formula 3 milk.


Not all brands are present at the hypermarket or in pharmacies and sometimes the quantities purchased are very few. Always check the availability of the product, so that you can buy it constantly, without having to suddenly change it and create food stress for the newborn.

Milk powder

Powdered milk is the most popular form on the market due to its extreme accessibility in terms of prices. Its preparation consists in dissolving it in low-mineral water at a temperature of about 70°C, adding the necessary quantity of powder. After dissolving it, it is necessary to proceed with the temperature test, dropping a few drops of milk on the wrist. If the temperature is warm, it means that it is ideal for feeding your baby.

In addition, the powdered milk must be consumed immediately after preparation in order to avoid the formation of germs and bacteria.

Liquid milk other than powdered milk

Liquid formula is more comfortable than powdered formula because it is ready to use and already sterile. It will be sufficient to heat it in a water bath and keep it warm until the time of use.

Which milk to choose then?

Hipp milk Bio 1 powder - The milk is of the highest quality and high digestibility.

Bio HiPP milk - Made from milk from cows raised on organic farms and not contaminated by the use of mineral fertilizers and chemicals. It contains all the necessary nutrients that the newborn needs for optimal development from birth.

Hipp latte 2 combiotic continuation - It is of the highest quality and is able to meet the nutritional needs of the child from the 6th month of age.

Novalac milk powder from 0 to 6 months - The milk perfectly meets the nutritional needs of the newborn.

Nutricia Italia Hypoallergenic Milk for Children - This is hypoallergenic milk for babies.

Bebivita 1 Formula - It is gluten-free and also suitable for supplementation.

NESTLÉ MIO 2 Follow-Up Milk Powder - It is formulated to be part of a diversified diet.

Nipiol Continuation Powder Milk - Contains milk, lecithin and soybean oil.

Milumil 1 children's milk - Advanced formula artificial milk with protein concentration according to the age of the child, supplemented with iron, iodine and vitamin D.

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